Limited Accessory Rating

Limited Accessory Rating for Power Supplies

Need inspections, repairs, and general maintenance for your aircraft electrical components?

Limited Accessory Rating Services

Get professional Limited Accessory Rating inspections, maintenance, and repairs from our experienced team of aircraft mechanics.

E.T. Mechanical has a Limited Accessory Rating for many types of electrical power supplies.

From standby power supplies and batteries, to strobe power supplies. We have the capability to inspect and repair a wide range of electrical components.

Give us a call to discuss your electrical component needs.

Limited Accessory Rating Services

Expert General and Corporate Aviation Maintenance

Get help from experienced aircraft mechanics.


We are Oklahoma City's longest established general and corporate aviation maintenance facility. We get the job done.

Chet Collier Turbo Normalized Bonanza

No one touches my airplane except Ed Schwartz & E.T. Mechanical. Why? Because as an instrument pilot, Ed understands how important it is to have complete confidence in your “Bird’ before you launch. They do the job right.

Jim Clark Jim Clark & Assoc Inc

We’ve been using E.T. Mechanical for about 30 years. Being in the aircraft sales and management business, specializing in Citations and King Airs, I’ve used many maintenance facilities. Without question, E.T. Mechanical is simply the best by far.

Kris Takle Takle Aircraft Management

Out of all of the shops I have Used over my 25+ years of corporate aviation, nothing compares with the level of service and quality of the workmanship than E.T. Mechanical. Their attention to detail and quality control is the best in the industry.